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What do you get when you add a dog lover who just quit corporate America, a groomer?! That’s right, as an avid dog lover my whole life I knew early on I wanted to have a career with dogs. As a certified dog trainer and now certified dog groomer, my mission is to provide dog grooming at your door step.

Grooming is not just about maintaining your dog’s level of cleanliness, and it is not just about keeping your dog good-looking. Grooming is about maintaining both your dogs physical health as well as appearance.  

We're a full service mobile pet grooming salon servicing North New Jersey. There's no breed that intimidates us. We have no limits on size, breeds, or age. Young or old, big or small, we love them all! <3  

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We value on making every dog feel at home during their service. To put them in the mood we ask you to select a musical choice for them to listen to during their treatment.

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Why chose mobile pet grooming?

Imagine not having to take the time out of your busy day to drop off and pick up. But have a happy, friendly, groomer greet you at your home or office. Your pet will no longer have to be groomed in an environment with the potential of exposure to illness, fleas, and the stress of other barking dogs. Never again will your pet have to wait hours on end in a cage, listening to the unfamiliar cries of other dogs waiting for their turn to be groomed. You and your dog will always have the same groomer available to talk to and go over your pets service. This ensures that you always have personalized one-on-one service. We maintain a clean, sanitary, professional environment. Our grooming salon on wheels ensure that you and your best friend have a professional, courteous, positive, stress free, and relaxing pet grooming experience.   

What should I expect on my first grooming appointment? 

Once you contact us and we discuss your grooming needs and set an appointment. We'll answer your questions and give you an estimate. Clue us in to any special needs or concerns. We knock ourselves out to be on time. But, when you're dealing with traffic and pampered pooches, things can get a little unpredictable. We really appreciate a little flexibility on your part, so a 60-minute window around our scheduled arrival time is a really good idea. You can count on us arriving as close to your scheduled time as possible. We will keep you updated if there is any delay.   

What areas does Mobile Paw Spa service? 

We currently service North Jersey, within 10 miles of Wood-Ridge. Although, if you are blessed to have several dogs in one home or location we may be able to work something out.

Do you use our electricity or water? 

No way, our van is a full service grooming salon on wheels.  

Do you express anal glands? 

Yes we do express anal glands externally on dogs under 20 pounds if requested as an add on service. On larger breeds we can provide the service but it is recommended to be done by a veterinarian that is trained to express the anal glands internally. The external method groomers use may not 100% get everything out on a large dog.

Do you use dawn when washing or de-greasing pets? 

No. Despite many commercials that show animals being bathed in dawn that are being rescued from a oil spill, dawn is for dishes and not for pets. Its not good for their skin, coat, and isn't safe for them to ingest. We use natural citrus shampoos to de-grease coats.

What is your cancellation policy? 

There is a 24hr cancellation policy. There will be a fee of $25 if  appointment is canceled less than 24hrs. 

Do you take credit cards? 

We accept cash, check, and credit cards (*2.75% fee) plus tax for all forms of payment. 

How can you accommodate my busy schedule if I’m rarely home? 

After our first few visits we are more than happy to serve you and your pet without you present. You can leave keys with us or with a neighbor/doorman etc. and you can come home to a clean and happy pet.     

How long does mobile grooming take? 

Mobile grooming is a one-to-one service. On average animals take 1-2 hours to groom. For added convenience we can also make arrangements to groom your pet while you are away so you can come home to a fresh clean pet!   

How old does an animal have to be to have their first spa day? 

We recommend starting after 8 weeks of age, after appropriate shots have been administered and puppy is weaned, and healthy. An early start on a grooming regimen is helping the groomer and your best friend start off on the right paw. Grooming is something your pet will need monthly for the rest of their lives so sooner the better!   

Do you accept animals that have been sedated or do you sedate animals yourself? 

Mobile grooming is a great solution for animals that have anxiety from being at the groomers since its a very peaceful one on one experience. With that being said if you are still concerned that your pet may still need to be sedated while in our care, then your pet should be groomed under a veterinarian’s supervision. We do provide your choice of music while your pet is in our care.     

Do you offer multiple pet discounts? 

Absolutely! We offer a $15.00 discount off the total.

FINE PRINT **Please note that all rates that are given over the phone are an estimate. Although the majority of our services are all inclusive; services such as de-matting and special handling can increase your rate. All of this would be discussed before your pet’s appointment begins.      

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